How to Use Snapsave App

Snapchat is a very popular way of sending a photo or video to a contact safe in the knowledge that it will only be available for a limited time. Once the person has viewed it the photo or video should be removed. However there are certain ways that you can save snapchat messages if you have the right tools. Snapsave is one such app which is available on both Android and iOS. Once downloaded it can be used to save any snapchat messages without your contacts knowing that you’ve saved the message. This guide will show you how to use Snapsave to save any snapchat message.

Snapsave App

Step 1 – Downloading the App

The first thing you will need to do is download the snapsave app. If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad then you can currently still find the app in the appstore. However, if you have an Android powered device then you won’t find it in the market. This is because Google removed the app. There are however ways around this, simply search for SnapSave APK online and download one of the many sources to your phone. Do try to be careful and download from a reputable source.

Step 2 – Installing Snapsave

If you downloaded the app through the apple appstore then there is no need to do anything else since it will be installed automatically. However, if you downloaded the APK file from the internet then you will need to install it manually. First make sure that your phones developer options are set up to allow apps to be installed from any source. Then use a file explorer to navigate to the download and open the file. This will install the snapsave app onto your device.

Step 3 – Opening Snapsave

Once installed you simply need to open the Snapsave app. This is designed to completely replace the official snapchat app and will intercept your messages so that you can save them easily. When you open snapsave you will be asked for your username and password. Put your snapchat username and password in and log in as normal.

Depending on the version you downloaded it might look a bit different to the official app. Even so, it’s very easy to use and navigate. You shouldn’t find it that difficult to use.

Step 4 – Saving Images

Once you are logged in you will see any new messages and photos appear in the timeline in a similar way to the normal snapchat app. You can click on each message to open it as normal, however unlike with the official snapchat app, it’s possible to see the images more than once.

Photos and videos are automatically cached and saved into the app. This means that you can open the same message as many times as you want and look at the photo again. If you upgrade to the pro version for a small one off payment then it’s possible to save the images to your photo app so that it can be viewed easily on your phone without needing to open the snapsave app again.

Saving snapchat messages with the help of Snapsave is very easy and straightforward. This will allow you to open your snapchat messages any time you want.

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